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Basic tools of Photoshop and you needed as an UI developer

Friday 27 November 2015 No comments:
Hello everyone this is another video from Pixel-lab. In this video we are going to discuss some tools from Photoshop and showing you how much it needed as an UI developer, frankly UI developer don’t need to create any design ,logo or any graphical part but they might need some image , gradient color or any other resources.

Learning HTML from scratch

Monday 23 November 2015 No comments:
Hello everyone, this is a video series from Pixellab about learning HTML from scratch. Our initial goal is to get introduce and familiar with HTML tags. After that we will attach CSS and help you to understand how the real time HTML web pages has been creating.

Discussed Interview Question:

  • 1. How many tags needed for the most basic HTML structure?
  • 2. What is html?
  • 3. What is DHTML?
  • 4. What is xHTML?
  • 5.What is HTML5?
and more.....