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Website optimization

Friday, 16 November 2018 No comments:
Hello Everyone, welcome back. In this post, I will discuss the very interesting and important topic Website and Mobile optimization. Past few years responsive websites are a common thing in the web market. Almost every website is responsive and running on the small devices but if you check the user data(maybe google analytics), it might not be the happy scenario for all the website. Most of the cases users do not go to the successor payment page.

Last few years, I am working with a Dubai based media steam website. In the media stream world, you will lose money if you site buffer or user waits.
Now our website had optimization issue for mobile and desktop website, thought our web portal is fine and conversion rate was average, still we need to optimize both and attract more users and give them a seamless experience.

Add Meta tag in View page using MVC-5

Monday, 25 September 2017 No comments:
Hi this post is being, how to add meta tag in different pages in MVC.
We all know MVC has a one base master page, _layout and we need to add different meta tags for different pages, so if we add the meta description or any meta tags then it will applicable for all the inner and respective pages. So we must applied some changes which we can apply the meta tags different to every page, so time we could have different languages like Arabic, Spanish etc.
For this we need to create a different section and need to render it into the page like

HTML5 CANAVS: Advanced shapes and Features

Tuesday, 26 July 2016 No comments:
We have already created some basic shapes like line, rectangle, circle, image etc. Now we will check the variation and some advanced feature of these shapes. These function and modification are required mainly we need to modify the shapes during function and in the advanced function we will combine all these features and create an advanced function.


Previously we used stroke() method to create a line but we can add some more features like line width and line cap.

HTML5 CANAVS: Explanation of createLinearGradient,createRadialGradient and arc method

Friday, 1 July 2016 No comments:
In our previous post we have checked some basic shape and functions like line, rect, image, circle etc. Now there is some functions we used without knowing,so we should have a clear idea how about every functions as we will use these function in more advanced way.

For Gradient:

In the previous post we created gradient by createLinearGradient and createRadialGradient functions.Both the functions takes 4 and 6 arguments.But you are wondering HOW and WHY?
Let's find out:

HTML5 CANVAS: Basic shapes

Saturday, 25 June 2016 No comments:
In this post I am taking care of some basic staff like draw rectangular, line, circle, image etc in HTML5 CANVAS. These are the basic structure but we need to use each of them in advanced functions.

start the code:

Like the previous post, for creating a HTML5 CANVAS page, we placed a CANVAS tag with width 500, height 300 into the body section and JavaScript functions into the bottom of the HTML before the body tag close(in the previous post we discuss the possibilities for placing JavaScript codes into the page).
Almost every CANVAS JavaScript functions have 2 common lines, one which we take the CANVAS in a veriable and then get the 2d context of the variable
So our first part of code alaways same, like
Like, previous post we should place the JS code in the bottom of the page.
Var canvas = document.getElementById(‘canvas’);
Var getcontext = canvas.gerContext(‘2d’);
//We will only discuss the 2d function in this series of HTML5 CANVAS posts.
And into the body section, put this code like mention above.
<canvas width=”500” height=”300” id=”canvas”></canvas>
Lets start draw something.


Monday, 20 June 2016 No comments:
Hi! Everyone, in this series of post I am going to discuss about HTML5 CANVAS. I am going to discuss every part of it from the very beginning to advance level.Here, most of the example and theories have benn collected form the WEB and several books. I will share them all in between tutorials and demonstration.
HTML has one of the most powerful tag CANVAS. We often use this as plugin for graph or any shape based plugins. Now I am giving you an oportunity to undefy this weapon and make it as favorite one.

Real time example with settimeout function

Friday, 29 April 2016 No comments:
Hi everyone in this post I am going discuss one of the very necessary functions in JavaScript. Most of us use this function for repeated work. In this post I am discussion about how to use it more complex way.
We have two great functions setTimeout and setInterval in javascript. Both are basically same but the serinterval() method repeats the function at interval.


Saturday, 2 April 2016 No comments:
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