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Designer resources which we need everyday

Saturday 15 August 2015
Hello everyone once again, in this very starting post I need to do a smooth start, so I am just talking about the resources. Now frankly we are nothing without a good resource website. We need good resource website in both ways i. resolve our development issue. Ii. Get updated with new technologies and change. Some also say that they get motivated by the post from lots of sites. I personally respect that website which tells about the life and their do’s and don’ts.

We can compare a good blogger website with kidneys as it restrict my career with uncertain flows.
For the designers a good website link is like eye and they will start viewing his baby website into it and for the UI developer they always have some hurry to download plugins or searching error code. So it’s a very good idea to have a list for all websites which we need daily.
I have a request to please add url you used which I may not added into my list. This will help all of us. I found the best way to learn everything is video.So I just Youtube all above.

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