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Media queries

Wednesday 27 January 2016 No comments:
pixel-lab Hi everyone, this is a very interactive post about @media queries. In this post I am going to explain every types of media queries and their rules how it should maintain and how you should implement in you page.
We use @media query for responsive purpose. In css3 we have certain feature to add @media query in the CSS pages for showing the same website into the different device. Now day's responsive one of the most important benchmark every website asked. Your website should have responsive features unless it will not present in the google page ranking. So almost every designer use @media queries for responsive purpose. But we are using some basic @media queries without knowing that @media query is such a powerful feature and it’s also help you to reduce JavaScript from the website.

Javascript Chosen with checkbox

Monday 18 January 2016 4 comments:
Hi Everyone, in this post I am going to discuss about a very necessary JavaScript plugins. Most of the designer and the client prefer to use the searchable select, for the large amount of data. Means if you have large number of data in your select box and you need to make these more user friendly for the users and in addition they can get the result easily by search with all the functions based on the select box change.