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HTML5 CANAVS: Advanced shapes and Features

Tuesday 26 July 2016 No comments:
We have already created some basic shapes like line, rectangle, circle, image etc. Now we will check the variation and some advanced feature of these shapes. These function and modification are required mainly we need to modify the shapes during function and in the advanced function we will combine all these features and create an advanced function.


Previously we used stroke() method to create a line but we can add some more features like line width and line cap.

HTML5 CANAVS: Explanation of createLinearGradient,createRadialGradient and arc method

Friday 1 July 2016 No comments:
In our previous post we have checked some basic shape and functions like line, rect, image, circle etc. Now there is some functions we used without knowing,so we should have a clear idea how about every functions as we will use these function in more advanced way.

For Gradient:

In the previous post we created gradient by createLinearGradient and createRadialGradient functions.Both the functions takes 4 and 6 arguments.But you are wondering HOW and WHY?
Let's find out: