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Minimize HTTP requests

Sunday 25 October 2015 No comments:
Reduce your http request is the one of the best way to speed up your website. I am going to explain all of the require step you needed for this and check the result after competition.

First of all go website and open the network tab.

6 Modern Techniques for Designers

Sunday 18 October 2015 1 comment:
In this post I am going to discuss some tools fo the future development in CSS nad HTML5.In the web design we have lots of dependencies in browsers, enviroment,client special requirement, page loading time and seo and a good website should contains all these things.
When comes to user thy only look on the frontend their basis demand is user friendly with lots of smooth animation and image manipulation.Though these are the smallest things we are getting lots of trouble when put all these things together.For this we need to us some tools which reduce the project costs n time and also give the project based on their platforms.

1.First try to use CSS framework.